Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where the lush green forest meets the white sand beaches. Located at the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula where the difficulty to get there has left this place unspoiled and sacred to travelers. The weather is tropical, the waves are always firing and the sun is as warm as it gets. We flew into San Jose with a couple of our friends and took an hour or so taxi to Puntarenas to then take an hour ferry ride across to Paquera and an hour plus car ride to Santa Teresa where most of the road was unpaved rutted out dirt and rubble. If you’re looking to find some of the world’s most unspoiled beaches, they sure as heck won’t be located right off of a major highway! Many of the people in this area are expats from other countries who came to get away from the career climbing scene, relax, live a simpler life and become closer to nature. Opening green hotels and organic restaurants while still maintaining the true culture of what brought them to this area. It’s not hard to see what made so many people move here. Without even realising it, you’ll find yourself fantasizing about dropping out and joining the pura vida.


Raratonga Hotel & Apartments $80-$150 dependent on the low / high or peak season


Burger Rancho : best homemade veggie burger

Almendra sweets: Bakery / Art Gallery with the sweetest owners

Chicken Joe’s : the chicken and yucca fries with chimichurri

Fishbar : newer seafood joint, highly recommended


While there are many local shops and beautiful beaches within sight, renting a quad and exploring what would be too far on foot is well worth it. Head down to Montezuma and hike the trails to the first of many waterfalls is a must. After about 4 km you will reach the Cocalitos Waterfall and if you keep going though the beautifully forested river, over rocks and roots you will eventually reach another cascade of waterfalls, one of which has a 80 foot drop- BE CAREFUL! If you keep heading further south, you will hit Cabuya and the Cabo Blanco Nature reserve. Playa Las Manchas is a beautiful white sand beach with some of the best snorkeling and swimming and Play Los Cedros is the best surf spot in Montezuma with palm trees and almond trees stretched all along the coast line. If that isn’t quiet you’re speed there are also plenty of Yoga studios and Spas to really melt the stress away all along this beautiful coastal area.

Costa Rica